Thursday, July 8, 2010

Can't Get In !

Yes thats my rather large belly and yes I am just about to give birth anyday now so the gallery is currently closed and open by appointment only, till the end of winter.
Phone - 03 6254 1510      Mobile - 0404 421344

Thats not to say I won't be here every now & then posting updates, bit & pieces.


  1. hehehe thought you must be close. when i saw your post about the monumentus moment in history re. the windmill, i thought how special it would be if there was a little bit of extra special personal news at the bottom too and frantically scrolled!:) hope you're well and wishing you a very special time ahead xx

  2. I came through town last Thursday and wondered if you were off having a baby! Next time I see you I'm sure there will be a little one. Lot's of love and warm wishes to you.

  3. oooooh! i'm guessing that you might have your bambino by now! can't wait to hear about your little bundle of joy...


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