Friday, February 19, 2010

New Homewares coming to 3 Windows

Anna Chandler Design Homewares will  be arriving in the gallery early March. Anna Chandler is an Australian artist & designer who grew up in Tasmania, though now settles in Perth, W.A.
Her Bright & colourful pieces are inspired by cultures from all ends of our globe.
We will have a the fantasticly colourful doormats, tea towels to brighten any kitchen, gorgeous mugs, plates & some gift cards too.
Venetian Damask Door Mat.

Green Oriental Bird Mug

Gift Card Design.

Not the best images I know .... I will post some more as they arrive.

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  1. Hey there, did the mug I sent inspire you? There is a shop in Port that I love to look in as they have heaps of her items. Jenna xx


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