Saturday, November 21, 2009

Pretty Shiny Things

I might need a make up artist to help with this 1 - Flikr

Oh to bathe in glitter...

The more shiny things the better - flikr

 A pair of these for me please - Gina Court Shoes

And what girl can say she didn't love these - The Wizard of Oz

This is definately a problem I have -

Yes, I have a terrible obsession for all things that glitter & sparkle......I'm sure this is how my career as a glass artist has eventuated. I remember as a small child collecting pieces of shattered windscreen, much to mother's dismay & dress ups, well if it wasn't shiny it wasn't for me .....

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  1. I love shiny things too. I'm obsessed with sequined tanks and dresses. They're gorgeous.


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